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Panel blinds have just risen in popularity by leaps and bounds. The important criteria to remember with this product is the amount of space available to stack the panels. We suggest using the narrowest possible panels.


The choice of roller fabrics and bamboo fabrics opens up a huge selection. The new wood highlights that we now offer is made using our own Basswood slats. You can choose the highlights at the top and bottom, or one in between or two in between. This takes this product into a different level of sophistication.

The panel blind is a new and innovative shading solution for larger windows such as those found in penthouses. Also stunning as a room divider, the panel blind is available in a huge range of designs.

Create a statement with contrasting panels, or a softer look using natural voiles to filter the light in. When open, the panels stack back neatly, behind one another, allowing maximum light into the room.


Closing the panels creates a complete fabric screen offering both light control and privacy.

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